The Miami Market.

Miami is a hotspot for beaches, nightlife, shopping and fitness, and attracts 16M+ visitors per year. Miami is home to 2.5M residents, and 65% of the population is Latino, making it the third largest Hispanic market in the country. Taxis provide transport to and from Miami International Airport, which serves 35M people each year.

Why Miami Taxi’s?

  • Best format, hands down, for reaching locals, convention go-er’s, or tourists

  • Maximum exposure in downtown Miami or at the airports

  • Unparalleled visibility, reach, and frequency

  • Up to 20 hours of time on the road daily

  • Eye level for maximum exposure

  • CPM’s range from $1-5

Ad Units Available

  • TaxiTV

  • Standard 2-Sided Tops

  • Curb App Mobile Display Ads

  • Wraps


  • 48% of people viewing Miami TaxiTV are Millennials

  • 49% of people viewing Miami TaxiTV are Pet Owners

  • People viewing Miami Taxi Tops are 54% more likely than the general population to have visited in the last 30 days

  • 40% of people viewing Miami Taxi Tops are Millennials

    Research provided by GfK MRI, 2018